Thursday, 4 October 2012

AWS App Development & Hosting By Using Cloud Computing

The new cloud computing platform by Amazon has given small IT companies a chance to host their apps against feeble payments. Small IT companies who struggle to set up their own app hosting platforms are benefiting a lot from the AWS app development. It has been noticed that majority of the entry level fast growing app developers choose AWS for swift hosting. This huge response from the developers propelled AWS to new heights in recent years.

The AWS developer platform has a wide range of languages available like Java, Ruby, PHP, .NET etc. and they have full SDKs and toolsets to help new developers. The user interface management console of AWS is expanded to include all the available services and is evolved continually.

The AWS app development platform promises to offer an “upload your application and don’t worry about running it” environment.

AWS provides a long list of services and products to help different firms to develop apps via cloud computing. Some of the well known ones are as follows:
1.Amazon CloudFront: a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for dealing out objects to edge locations close to the supplicant.
2.Amazon CloudWatch: it scouts and monitors for AWS cloud applications and resources.
3.Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): It gives scalable virtual confidential servers by using Xen (which allows multiple computer OS to execute simultaneously using the same computer hardware).
4.Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS): used by EC2 for persistent block-level storage volumes.
5.Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): gives storage based on Web Service.
6.Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): It helps to create a logically isolated set of Amazon EC2 instances which is usually connected to other networking devices using Virtual Private Network.
7.Amazon CloudSearch: It helps developers gain specific information and even codes from the cloud computing domain.

The Amazon Web Services cloud space provides some distinct advantages to the developers (whether new or experienced) as well. It does not require the use of high end computing devices since hardware and software is pinpointed here. The resource usage is also minimal since the entire process is stored in a virtual setup. The entire AWS cloud computing platform goes very easy on the pocket for all the companies using it.

It significantly reduces a company’s IT investments, if an effective cloud computing platform is set up. Since the entire process is virtual, the developers have unlimited space providing them with the opportunity to broaden their spectrum of work to a great extent. The platform provides collaboration of documents easily as well.

The AWS marketing vice president Adam Selipsky says that “if you compared us to the actual tooling that other companies have in place today to serve developers who are building and migrating applications to the cloud, we compare very favourably.”

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