Thursday, 27 September 2012

Google’s Computing Engine – the Biggest Rival of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google's Compute Engine gives a new way for monetizing investment in data centers along with networking options. The new cloud platform is offering new options for companies who are interested to run their business in the cloud. It also gives a direct challenge to Amazon Web Services, who has ruled the space in recent years.
The announcement of the Google Compute Engine pitches Google’s battle with Amazon, which earns much more money than it does selling books. The details of the Compute Engine are still sketchy, but it is said that it gives companies, access to Linux Virtual Machines which Google uses for powering its own business. The company also promises 50% more computing power than with other leading cloud providers for the same amount of money. 

Google representatives say that the company has worked very hard for lowering the overall cost of computing over the decades. The company also claims that the Compute Engine also boasts of better performance over any of the competitors. Even the initial reports from beta testers confirm the same.
Google Compute engine is for companies who have more than 100 cores. The company spokesperson was clear when he said that the limited preview of the offering is likely to last months, but would not go on for years. He stated that the overall technology itself was ready, but the company wanted to make sure, if it could pitch in a comparable sales experience along with customer support.
It is evident that Google’s Compute Engine will not be able to present the entire suite of cloud computing products which is now offered by Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. But it is presumed that it is a matter of time until Google would establish its supremacy in the field. The company has the infrastructure in place which could launch the Compute Engine as a credible alternative to most of its competitors.
Amazon on the other hand, is content to play as it goes. The company has long been facing several power outages and problems because of disruption. Amazon seeks to improve its offerings in the coming months although the success of enhancements will be proved at a later stage. Till it manages to stay afloat, Google has the change to pounce on the competition in the cloud computing market.
Additionally, one of the biggest questions here is how much does Google care about the cloud computing market. One needs to know about the perspective of Google in this regard since its attention and resources needs to attend a brand-new set of demanding customers who are not satisfied with weak returns and output. Also, Google needs to take care of outages and other problems which Amazon is presently facing before going live with its services on a large scale. Many analysts believe that Google would surely prove to be an extremely stiff competitor in the cloud computing world and would not be any more different from consumers who have been using Gmail every day. Amazon would have to think out a way to counter Google’s moves now!

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