Monday, 3 September 2012

Amazon EC2 and AWS Expanding their Reach

Within a few years, has evolved from traditional book publishing to a bigger goal of giving everybody access to unimaginable amount of computing power and resources. Amazon EC2 Developer is like the evergreen computational brain behind Amazon Web services. One can use multiple instances for getting the complex computational tasks done.
A start-up called the Climate Corporation performs more than 10,000 simulations daily about the weather conditions in the next two years for one million locations in US. The data is required to write about the root structure and soil porosity for farming conditions for the coming years.
There is a start up company called Cue which scans a whopping 500 million e-mails and many more Facebook updates of different personalities. It also scans through their corporate documents for understanding a person and create their biography. The company sends notifications about the person or related activity through notifications.
Many start-ups rely on cloud computing for completing the tasks which were impossible to fathom a decade ago. Both companies just own a few desktop computers and rely on the rented data storage services from Amazon, through AWS for a fraction of the cost.
Thus, cloud computing has been around for years, but it is now powering all kinds of new businesses around the globe, quickly and with less capital.
Amazon's Elastic Load Balance allows multiple EC2 instances for dividing the entire traffic between them. No instances need to be burdened as EC2 can be easily scaled up and balance can be restored.
The Elastic Block Storage (EBS) is perfect as a hard drive while the Simple Storage Service (S3) on the other hand stores public facing data. S3 is mostly used by several companies for storing static content  and it can be scaled up and down as needed too.
With the help of AWS, any developer can design simple to complex apps which can be further utilized on the cloud with the help of cost-effective Amazon services and its efficient platform. AWS performs immaculately well as a platform-as-a-service and usually developers and companies need to “pay as you go.” It has a licensing fee every month depending on usage with no upfront expenditure. No maintenance costs re levied too since Amazon is the one who is maintaining the overall system.
The virtual infrastructure takes minutes to piece together and simulate an infrastructure which is difficult in the real world. Virtualization saves on lots of money and is suitably elastic for scaling resources up and down depending on demand.
AWS Development and cloud computing provide users with freedom from huge investments since there are no charges regarding maintenance as indicated above. This opens new avenues of invention and innovation. The focus will be on business ideas and then on a particular infrastructure which is required for the project. The focus will always be on deliverables. Most businesses spend more than three-fourths of the time to build infrastructure and maintenance rather than focusing on core tasks.

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