Monday, 27 August 2012

Amazon EC2 Computing and its Development Services

There is absolutely no shortage of cloud services and this is so true for enterprises too. Many cloud offerings support each other. There are incredible services like Drop box and which offer storage services for the consumer demographic while Azure has positioned itself with the enterprise. For individuals who need something in the cloud arena to work on, it's difficult and also extremely expensive to bring enterprise solutions on a personal level. Amazon's EC2, attempts to bridge the existing gap of technologies here.

EC2 is one of the perfect tools for developers in the cloud. One can start from scratch or get going with a large-scale development company. EC2 is perfect to satisfy any cloud storage need along with virtual environment need.

The appeal of Amazon EC2 basically lies in its payment structure since the user is expected to pay only for the storage that he or she has used and the time is taken into consideration. While other cloud services are dependent on fixed data allowances, Amazon serves to be a perfect fit for any developer who wants to upload its services on the cloud. Amazon has also incorporated a Free Usage Tier for the pricing scheme. This plan gives monthly limits and 750 hours of instance usage along with 30GB data transfer to and from the cloud.

As one increases the virtual machine's power and if needed, storage capability from Amazon EC2, the price rises to about $2.10 per hour. One can reserve a single instance for the year and the price differs from $227.50 for the smallest instance to $5,630.

No static IPs can be assigned to images which is an inhibitor when talking about Amazon EC2. The storage shortcoming is really critical for everybody since many prefer to use it as a build and development environment only. Hosting real apps might prove to be clunky here but for the time being, Amazon EC2 manages to get handled easily and remains in control mostly.

The cost involved is ok but if one wants a machine to be hosted and want to have total control for low cost, it is good to choose Amazon Web Services.

Here is what cloud computing provides developers:

  • Computationally-intensive tasks which are repetitive
  • Huge quantity of tasks
  • Massive computation in segments
  • Storage of redundant data for client access
This would mean that applications stored in the cloud will have much greater capacity for high intensity computation along with high volume of coding. Amazon has the magnificent ability to scale on demand and boost exponential growth.
The EC2 helps everyone to meet deadlines by introducing scalability as and when needed. There are many complementary services which come up with AWS Development. The backbones of cloud computing are virtual computer instances at the data center. It’s elastic in nature and the GUI tools for configuring and managing instances are fantastically easy to use. Command line options help in automating control over instances in software. Constituent tasks of your application can be run and each of the tasks will require a .exe file on your custom EC2 image.

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