Tuesday, 27 November 2012

AWS is Poised to Reinvent the Wheel Soon!

Amazon Web Services and its team are hosting a conference in November to reinvent its strategy and stress on the fact that it is ideally focused for the developers.

Amazon wants to bring in developers who build applications on its platform closer since they are pivotal in making businesses work. AWS has received backlash from competitors for not being developer-friendly enough. It is also blamed for not being true platform as a service (PaaS) solution and not having a developer focus on a program specifically for the developer network.

But AWS officials refrain from complying and agreeing to any of the arguments since they state that in reality, new developers are turning to AWS for app development and business development through the cloud computing platform.

All startups are dependent on developers, and adroit developers are required for making the most of the platform. AWS Developer is responsible for growth that AWS has made since its inception. In 6 years, AWS has seen drastic developer-driven blogosphere activity which was beneficial for the company and its prospects. It is part of the community.

Amazon insists that they are focused on developers’ needs and wants. Many of AWS services were cited to be extremely developer-centric. Amazon analysts and representatives agreed that AWS has actually created a fair amount of tooling and since the platform is language-agnostic, there are full software development kits and support for multiple languages. Along with the toolset, UI management console has expanded considerably to incorporate a variety of services.

Services are created which can help in uploading your application and expanded to include languages right from PHP and .NET to Java. Amazon representatives have admitted that they are yet to create something drastically effective in the tools space depending on evolving customer needs. AWS is continuously trying make services easier to use for a huge set of customers.  Amazon has a good actual set of actual tools compared to other platforms that have comparatively fewer tools to serve developers who are interested in building applications and even in migrating the same to the cloud.

The AWS event which will be held in November is expected to be much more than a a developer conference. It would touch topics related to IT department decision making and also on strategies required to be adopted for better visibility into the organization. Partners have an important role to play since they are required to present innovative apps based on the platform, putting their skills to test. The official conference would include partner solutions which will be mentioned throughout the main event.

Deep technical sessions are expected to be held during the event and many developers are expected to join the event. The conference would provide clear insight into Amazon Web Services and its working from now on. It would also present a picture of the future for AWS as a cloud computing platform and its new tools will aid in supporting the legacy of cloud computing. AWS wants the world to know that it is a developer-centric organization and would provide for anything that is needed.

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